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Just Some Other Info

We wanted to include this section to cover some common misconceptions about precious jewelry. Some of this is covered in other parts of the terms pages, but is included here too:

  • Please don’t take our low prices to mean there is something wrong with the item. We work very hard to buy at low prices so we can pass that on to our customers. All prices are based solely on our purchase price.
  • All fine jewelry metals are tested for purity and guaranteed to be as listed.
  • All gemstones are electronically tested and genuine, but while electronic testing will tell us what the stone is, it will not distinguish between man made and natural stones.
  • We do not discriminate by what country something was made in, since everything is tested it does not matter to us. Just because it is from another country does not make it “junk”.
  • Just because an item is marked does not mean it is real. Every single item we sell is tested and guaranteed to be what we say it is.
  • Just because something may slightly stick to a magnet does not mean it is fake(read more about “other metals” in our Hazards Section). Some metals DO stick to a magnet. Check out our blog page for an article about this.
  • Very rarely will we list something that is damaged. On occasion we may list an item that is damaged, but damage will be explained in description. Some things, even damaged, are just too pretty to throw away or scrap.
  • Absolutely none of our pictures are edited in any way. They are listed exactly as they were taken by our small point and shoot camera. We do this because we want you to have the best possible representation of the product. You can read about how we take our pictures in this Blog Post.

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