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Our jewelry research page will be dedicated to information on and pictures of the makers marks and hallmarks we have found on jewelry we are selling, we have sold, and pieces in our own collections. This will be an ever expanding section of our site and will include both fine and costume jewelry marks. Marks will range from antique to vintage to modern or contemporary. We have sold, or have had at one time or another, jewelry from all different time periods. This jewelry research section will be updated more often than the other research sections.

We will include as much information as possible for each makers mark and designer. A good bit of the information will come from trademark research, the books we own, corporation research, and for those still in business we will contact them for as much information as possible.

I will try to keep this page in alphabetical order by company name or First name of maker, since the pages have grown so long I have split them into multiple pages with a page for each letter of the alphabet. For easier navigation I have included the menu to the left. It is going to take quite some time to get all the pictures and information we have uploaded and available so check back regularly for updated pages.

Since some of the pictures are quite old the quality may vary from just decent to very good. You can click on any image to see a much larger version. When clicked larger picture will appear in a new tab or window. Below you can sign up for our newsletter. This will only go out once a month, not 10 times a month or more like other sites. It will contain information on all updates made to the site over the last month, and a preview of what’s coming the next month.

Jewelry Makers Marks Beginning With “C”

Capri Jewelry Inc.

Mixed information from different sources on the start and close date, so I will just offer the info I have been able to verify: Records from NY state dept. of corporations shows Capri Jewelry, Inc. initial filing March 22, 1949 and the corporation was dissolved July 15, 1996. Sol Smith was mentioned in a WWD magazine article issue Sept 7, 1994 as owner of Capri.

Capri makers mark

Capri with copyright symbol. Anything with copyright symbol would be after 1955. Earliest mention of this mark I could find was in US Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third series Jan-Jun 1957

Further information: RCJ has ads from multiple years available on their website.

Only trademark I could find was for Perma Gold, shows filed and first used in 1965, expired 1986

There was a copyright infringement case involving Kramer Jewelry(plaintiff) vs. Capri Jewelry(defendant) July 2, 1956. In these documents there is a paragraph I found quite interesting and wanted to share:”Copyright infringement case Defendant is engaged in the business of selling costume jewelry to retailers. It does not manufacture its own jewelry.” This paragraph was taken directly from the court documents.

Charles Of The Ritz

Charles Of The Ritz makers mark

Charles Of The Ritz trademark records can be traced as far back as 1927. Trademark for jewelry items shows first use as 1958 and it expired in 1988.

Additional Info: Charles Of The Ritz Group Ltd still has some current trademarks and many branches covering just about everything and many names. Cosmetics, cologne, perfumes, toiletries, clothing, nail polish, tanning and sunscreen products, beach accessories, if it has something to do with beauty or style they pretty much are into it.

Charles Rothman Company, Inc

Most sources list 1950s until at least 1990s but in fact Charles Rothman Company, Inc. was actually incorporated December of 1945 in Providence, Rhode Island and the listed President was William B Rothman. Corporation status shows “Revoked” in November 1995.

K.L. 14k Charles Rothman makers mark

Curiously no trademark records found for the K.L. mark (do not confuse this with the mark of Karl Lagerfeld, their marks do not contain periods after each initial)

Charles Rothman Clifford Sterling mark

Clifford Sterling trademark records show first use as 1983 cancelled in 1991. Found it interesting that their main office was located on Clifford St.

Key Quality Karen Lynne Charles Rothman makers mark

Karen Lynne Key Quality filed and first used 1954 expired in 1997

All references to trademark research contained herein are courtesy of United States Patent and Trademark Office, www.uspto.gov

All references to “RCJ” research contained herein are courtesy of Illusion Jewels: Researching Costume Jewelry

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