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Our jewelry research page will be dedicated to information on and pictures of the makers marks and hallmarks we have found on jewelry we are selling, we have sold, and pieces in our own collections. This will be an ever expanding section of our site and will include both fine and costume jewelry marks. Marks will range from antique to vintage to modern or contemporary. We have sold, or have had at one time or another, jewelry from all different time periods. This jewelry research section will be updated more often than the other research sections.

We will include as much information as possible for each makers mark and designer. A good bit of the information will come from trademark research, the books we own, corporation research, and for those still in business we will contact them for as much information as possible.

I will try to keep this page in alphabetical order by company name or First name of maker, since the pages have grown so long I have split them into multiple pages with a page for each letter of the alphabet. For easier navigation I have included the menu to the left. It is going to take quite some time to get all the pictures and information we have uploaded and available so check back regularly for updated pages.

Since some of the pictures are quite old the quality may vary from just decent to very good. You can click on any image to see a much larger version. When clicked larger picture will appear in a new tab or window. Below you can sign up for our newsletter. This will only go out once a month, not 10 times a month or more like other sites. It will contain information on all updates made to the site over the last month, and a preview of what’s coming the next month.

Jewelry Makers Marks Beginning With “B”


Owned by Barse and Company, Inc. Factory is in Thailand, design and main office in Dallas, Texas. All information gathered from their website and US trademark site.

Jewelry marked barse 925

Barse 925 with copyright symbol

Jewelry marked Barse Thai 925

Ring marked Barse Thai 925

Green Turquoise Ring Marked Barse

Large green turquoise ring marked Barse Thai 925

There are many different variations of these markings, most include “Barse” in some fashion, first documented use based on trademark research was 2001, still being used.

Bastian Bros.

Bastian Brothers Company opened in 1895 in Rochester, New York by brothers Theron Bastian and Frederick Bastian. Originally a jewelry store, the company quickly began producing customized badges, paperweights, lapel pins, and award products.

Bastian Bros makers mark capital forward and backward B
Jewelry marked with backwards B and forward B

Old sweater or scarf clip, marked backward B and forward B, marked used (1909-1943)

At the time of writing this, 2016, their website does not list any jewelry for sale. Currently their site lists custom products available are: Lapel Pins, Key Tags, Luggage Tags & Watch Fobs, Medallions, Paperweights & Coins, Belt Buckles, Car Grill Emblems, Police, Security & Fire Department Badges, Convention Badges, Sun Catchers


Stock design products are: Motivational Lapel Pins & Key Tags, Motivational ID Badge Holders, Holiday Ornaments, Union Theme Lapel Pins, Union Theme Key Tags, Union Theme Belt Buckles, Fire Fighter Products, Patriotic Products

Bat Ami

Bat Ami started selling jewelry in the 1960s. Based in Israel, still creating jewelry today. Company is now run by her daughters and one of her grandsons.

Jewelry marked Bat Ami 925

Pendant marked Bat Ami 925

Beau / Beaucraft Inc.

Beaucraft Inc. was established in 1947, auctioned off in 2004. Current owner Eagle Tool, Inc. You can read a more complete description of Beaucraft in This Blog Post

Jewelry marked with stylized B

Trademark filed and first used in 1961

Beaucraft makers mark

Beaucraft mark trademark was originally filed in 1961, shows first use as 1947

Beau Sterling with B in center
Beau Sterling makers mark

Beau makers mark. First pic is gilted sterling silver, Beau Sterling with B in center. Second pic just Beau Sterling. Marks trademarked filed in 1961, shows first use as 1947

Bell Trading Post / Sunbell Corp.

Bell Trading post 1935-1978(information from National Museum of the American Indian: Collections Search shows: Bell Trading Post (Bell Traders/Bell Copper), 1935-ca. 1978). In 1972 company name was changed to Sunbell Corp.

Bell Jewelry around bell makers mark

Trade mark “Bell Jewelry” was registered in 1978 and owned by Sunbell according to trademark site. Says expired in 1998, first use listed as 1935.

Bell Trading Post sign on post mark

Mark is post with arrow and bell on sign hanging. Mark trademark was applied for in 1962, states first use was 1961

Bell makers mark

Mark is post with arrow and bell on sign hanging. Same information as above except this arrow points left

There were other variations of the Bell makers marks including but not limited to “Bell Copper” which would have fallen in the earlier time periods through the closing. Another mark, a bell with rays surrounding it(looks like a sun) was used later when name was changed to Sunbell.

Berebi / Edgar Berebi

Started in 1981, trademarks all state first use of mark 1983. All trademarks expired except one which was renewed for 10 yrs in 2008. Mostly made earrings. RCJ shows much more information that was actually received from Edgar Berebi.

Berebi sticker makers mark

Sticker on back of earrings, no other markings found. (c) Berebi

Berebi stamped makers mark

Stamped on back of earrings, no other markings found. (c) Berebi


RCJ shows as contemporary mark on jewelry imported from china, have been unable to find any further information

Best makers mark in script

Best in cursive

Beverly Hills Silver

Trademark research shows filing and first use of mark as 1987. Name owned by Richline Group, Inc. Shows last renewal in 2008 for 10 yrs.

Beverly Hills Silver makers mark

Mark is Beverly Hills Silver 925 with trademark symbol (R)

Bradford Exchange BGE

BGE is the mark of The Bradford Exchange. First use was sometime after 2003, exact year unknown. Information is courtesy of and verified by The Bradford Exchange.

Jewelry marked BGE Bradford Exchange
Jewelry marked BGE Bradford Exchange

A chain and pendant both marked BGE which is The Bradford Exchange

All references to trademark research contained herein are courtesy of United States Patent and Trademark Office, www.uspto.gov

All references to “RCJ” research contained herein are courtesy of Illusion Jewels: Researching Costume Jewelry

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