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Our jewelry research page will be dedicated to information on and pictures of the makers marks and hallmarks we have found on jewelry we are selling, we have sold, and pieces in our own collections. This will be an ever expanding section of our site and will include both fine and costume jewelry marks. Marks will range from antique to vintage to modern or contemporary. We have sold, or have had at one time or another, jewelry from all different time periods. This jewelry research section will be updated more often than the other research sections.

We will include as much information as possible for each makers mark and designer. A good bit of the information will come from trademark research, the books we own, corporation research, and for those still in business we will contact them for as much information as possible.

I will try to keep this page in alphabetical order by company name or First name of maker, since the pages have grown so long I have split them into multiple pages with a page for each letter of the alphabet. For easier navigation I have included the menu to the left. It is going to take quite some time to get all the pictures and information we have uploaded and available so check back regularly for updated pages.

Since some of the pictures are quite old the quality may vary from just decent to very good. You can click on any image to see a much larger version. When clicked larger picture will appear in a new tab or window. Below you can sign up for our newsletter. This will only go out once a month, not 10 times a month or more like other sites. It will contain information on all updates made to the site over the last month, and a preview of what’s coming the next month.

Jewelry Makers Marks Beginning With “A”

1928 Jewelry Company

Established in 1968, maker of a wide variety of costume jewelry.

1928 Jewelry Co hang tag makers mark

Hang tag makers mark with copyright symbol

1928 Jewelry Co distinctive swirl mark
1928 Jewelry Co distinctive swirl mark

Distinctive swirl mark used on a large quantity of marked and unmarked jewelry, but not always present

A & Z Chain Co.

Established 1905 until sometime in the mid 1970s. Not much information available, usually have to date within a range based on style of jewelry.

A&Z Chain Co sterling art deco brooch
A&Z Sterling art deco brooch makers mark

Mark reads A & Z Sterling, found on odd shaped art deco brooch with beveled edges.

A&Z 12k GF On Silver makers mark early mid century

A & Z 12k GF On Silver. Mark found on early mid century bow brooch(early to mid 1940s)

A & Z Sterling mid century makers mark

A & Z 12k GF On Silver. Mark found on early mid century bow brooch(early to mid 1940s)

A. Munos or A. Munoz

A Mexican silversmith. Hard to date as limited information available. Usually associated with Eagle Mark 3 which was implemented in 1948 by the Mexican Gov. I have seen many people try to list these pieces as 1920-30s even when Eagle mark is present, kind of hard to be from 20-30s when Eagle mark started in 48.

A Munos or A Munoz Mexico Sterling 925 makers mark

A. Munos(z) Sterling Mexico 925. Mark found on back of fish brooch with abalone inlay.


All trademark records show as filed in 1994, and all show expired or cancelled in 2007. All marks owned by Airess, Inc.

Airess makers mark
Airess makers mark distinctive swirl

Airess .925 with distinctive swirl mark above name.

Alice Jewelry Co

Mixed information on when company was started, some sources say 1950, others say 1956, either way definitely a mid century company.

Alice Jewelry Co script makers mark

Alice in cursive or script. They also had a mark that was Alice in cursive with the trademark symbol

Alpaca Mexico or Alpaca Silver

Alpaca Silver HAS NO REAL SILVER CONTENT. It looks like silver, will tarnish like silver, will not stick to a magnet, but when acid tested will NOT show any real silver content. I have seen so many people sell this as sterling silver, and over the years have even received large auction lots myself containing items marked alpaca that had to be returned. Buyers beware: If it says Alpaca it is not Sterling!

Jewelry marked Alpaca Mexico or Alpaca Silver Jewelry marked Alpaca Jewelry marked Alpaca

Jewelry marked Alpaca, usually followed by Mexico or Silver, has no real silver content

Am Lee Jewelry Co.

Business started in 1946, limited information available beyond that. Unsure when quit making jewelry. Most pieces were coated with rhodium to prevent tarnish, so may stick to a magnet due to nickel content(a magnet test does NOT prove whether something is silver or not)

AmLee Sterling mid century makers mark

AmLee Sterling. Mark found on mid century circle brooch with floral design.

American Jewelry Co – A.J.C.

Not a lot of information out there, started in 1927 until sometime in 1990s

American Jewelry Co AJC

A.J.C. with copyright symbol, used sometime after mid 1950s

Anne Klein

Former employee of Hattie Carnegie, established Anne Klein & Co in 1968. The Anne Klein name is still being used in many forms. Name is associated with clothing, accessories, jewelry, perfume, shoes, it’s endless. According to trademark research most of the divisions are owned by Nine West Development, LLC. Some divisions listed as owned by Jones Investment Co, Inc. Unsure if these two companies are tied together somehow.

Anne Klein AK makers mark

Older mark AK with copyright symbol

Anne Klein makers mark hang tag

Late 70s-early 80s hang tag

Newer Anne Klein II makers mark

Newer set with Anne Klein II on box


Mens jewelry and accessory division trademark was filed in 1957, shows first used Anson mark in 1945. Womens jewelry division trademark signature was filed in 1978, shows first used in 1967. Went from Anson, Inc., to Narrangansett Jewelry Co., Inc., and finally all divisions to Cerce Capital, LLC. Marks still show as current and registered.

Original founder, Olof Anderson, can be traced back to Anderson Tool & Die Co started in 1938

Anson Lyre cufflinks
Anson with A underlining rest of name. Found on 1970s lyre cufflinks.
Anson Ster tie pin
Anson Ster. block letters. Found on late 70s tie pin

Anson in scriptAnson in scriptAnson in script

Anson in script. All items mens accessories from early 80s.

Anton Michelsen

Not a whole lot of information available on Anton Michelsen. Established in 1841 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Passed away in 1877, company taken over by son Carl. Have found references of jewelry made at least through 1965.

AM in triangle with crown above Anton Michelsen makers mark
One of many marks for Anton Michelsen. AM in triangle with crown above initials, Sterling Denmark in block letters underneath

Art / Mode Art Jewelry

There is limited concrete information on Art or Mode Art jewelry. Company was founded sometime in the late 1940s by Arthur Pepper and was in business until around 1980.

Art makers mark
Art makers mark with copyright symbol, used 1955 and later. Other marks include ModeArt and Mode-Art


Crystal jewelry has been made in Austria dating all the way back to the early 1700s. Below are some of the marks found on Austrian jewelry for the early to mid 1900s.

Austria-jewelry-marks (3) Austria-jewelry-marks (2) Austria jewelry marks

Marks found on crystal jewelry from Austria early to mid 1900s. Marks include Austria and Made Austria

Avon Jewelry

Avon began selling jewelry in 1971. The only pieces of jewelry distributed before then were award pins to sales associates.

Some Avon pieces have letter codes on them to identify manufacturers, these letter combinations are Not designer makers marks(This information is from a direct quote from an Avon representative).

Below are several pictures of only some of the different hang tags and marks Avon used. There is also at least one picture of the letter codes mentioned above. Code shown below is N R, this is only one of many different codes that were used.

Avon-jewelry-marks (21) Avon-jewelry-marks (20) Avon-jewelry-marks (19) Avon-jewelry-marks (18) Avon-jewelry-marks (12) Avon-jewelry-marks (14) Avon-jewelry-marks (15) Avon-jewelry-marks (16) Avon-jewelry-marks (17) Avon-jewelry-marks (11) Avon-jewelry-marks (10) Avon-jewelry-marks (9) Avon-jewelry-marks (8) Avon jewelry marks and hang tags

Avon circle with dot mark
Mermaid earring. The Avon mark in block letters with copyright symbol can be seen, right above that the circle with dot in center can be seen. Earring back is also marked Avon.

Circle with dot markAvon circle with dot in center markAvon circle with dot in center

Blue stone earrings were received in original Avon box. The back side of earrings and the earring backs both have the circle with dot mark.
Circle with dot in center Avon mark
Avon circle with dot mark

Avon enamel marcasite butterfly brooch, circle with dot mark on back.

All references to trademark research contained herein are courtesy of United States Patent and Trademark Office, www.uspto.gov

All references to “RCJ” research contained herein are courtesy of Illusion Jewels: Researching Costume Jewelry

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