Research, Research, And More Research

These research sections will be in a constant state of “under construction”. We will be adding to them on a regular basis, so you can check back often or click below to join our once monthly newsletter

Welcome To The Replays and Things Research Pages

This section of our website will focus mainly on jewelry makers marks, porcelain and glass company marks, and other types of research related to these items.

Jewelry Makers Marks and Research Section

The jewelry research section will include makers marks and/or hallmarks found on the items we collect, jewelry we are selling, or have sold in the past. Basically every makers mark I have had to chase down information on will be listed along with pictures of the mark, dates the marks were used if available, and where you can find more information if needed. Since we currently focus most of our efforts on jewelry this section will be the first in the long process of building these pages.

Glass Research Section

The glass research section, just like the jewelry research section, will include makers marks found on different types of glass. I have a huge collection of different types of glass, and have sold a ton of glass items over the years, so this section will take some time to compile. Section will include but not be limited to jars, figurines, paperweights, tableware, cookware, and much more.

Porcelain Research Section

This section will be the same as the above sections, it will include information on makers marks on our collections and items we are selling, or have sold. To begin with I will probably combine all stoneware and porcelain items into this section. If it grows too large I will split it up later. Just like the glass section, this section will take some time to compile.


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