The History Of Beaucraft

This post will not cover the types of jewelry Beaucraft sold, it is focused on the company history. While gathering information for the Jewelry Reseach Section of our website I have been back checking all the information available concerning each manufacturer. There is one company that all vintage jewelry lovers know, Beau or Beaucraft jewelry. So why am I writing this when there are at least 100 other sites with Beaucraft information?

I decided to write this because it seems all those other sites just copied each other. It is the same information on every site. The only exception to this is RCJ, they do extensive research, and that is probably where most others got their information. So what am I offering that they don’t have? Some facts.

Almost all of the following information is public record, it is there for those that want to take the time to do the research, and it is there to verify most of what is below. Information has been gathered from both Federal and State public records.

So here we go. All sources on the web state: Beaucraft, Inc. was founded in 1947 by Luigi Russo and Ray Sacciccio and they were located at 215 Georgia Ave, Providence, RI 02905.

The only fact I have been able to identify in this statement is from Rhode Island Corporation documentation which states: Beaucraft was incorporated on 8/5/1947 by Luigi Russo, who is listed as President. Address listed was 215 Georgia Ave, Providence, RI 02905. There were no other officers or principals listed. Does this mean there were no others? Of course not, but I only have access to the online database, not the original paper copies. So the fact remains, I have not been able to find one document anywhere that lists a Ray Sacciccio, so the only fact verified is the Corporation was started by Luigi Russo. This is not to say that there wasn’t a Ray Sacciccio, only that there were no records that I could find to support it. A google search on this name also does not bring up any records.

The Marks Used By Beau/Beaucraft

Next up, the Beau, Beaucraft, and stylized B makers marks. All information found in US trademark records and can be verified there. Marks were sometimes used with other words such as sterling, ster., etc.

Beau makers mark

Beau-Trademark for this makers mark was filed in 1961. Trademark application shows marks first use as 1947. This trademark was cancelled in 2015.

Beaucraft makers mark

Beaucraft-Trademark filed for this makers mark in 1961. Trademark application shows marks first use as 1947. This trademark shows change of ownership in 2012(covered below), and renewed/current.

Beaucraft stylized B makers mark

B stylized-Trademark filed for this makers mark in 1961. Trademark application shows marks first use as 1961. This trademark shows registered/renewed. I am sure will show change of ownership or cancelled in the near future.

The Closing And Auction

And Finally: The closing and auction. I will agree that most information found on this subject is true, but not all of it, so here is the breakdown…On September 9th, 2004 Salvadore Auctions, Inc. held the auction at 215 Georgia Ave, Providence, RI 02905. During the auction everything including all stock items, salesman samples, and tools and molds were sold.

There is information everywhere that states Rembrandt Charms bought Beaucraft, Inc., and there are others that state Amsco, Ltd. bought most inventory. Luckily I was able to contact Amsco, Ltd. about the auction, the owner was able to give me the “who bought what” info, and here is how it breaks down:

  • Amsco, Ltd. purchased most of the jewelry inventory including the salesman’s samples. Amsco, Ltd. closed in Nov. 2015, but they still have a few items listed on eBay.
  • Rembrandt Charms purchased Only the charm inventory.
  • Eagle Tool, Inc. purchased Beaucraft, Inc.(information is on their website) and the tools and molds. Eagle Tool, Inc. is also listed as the current/new trademark owner of the Beau/Beaucraft trademarks(can be verified through trademark documentation).

So there you have it, the verifiable facts that I could find pertaining to the start of Beaucraft, their makers marks, and the closing and auction of the company. Comments/thoughts welcome.

All references to trademark research contained herein, and the pic of the stylized B above, are courtesy of United States Patent and Trademark Office,

All references to and information pertaining to Amsco, Ltd. are courtesy of Amsco, Ltd.

All information pertaining to Eagle Tool, Inc. has been found in public records and on their website

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